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GenoChoice The Best of Nature Before You Nurture!

GenoChoice credits
   concept, design, and creation v i r g i l   (see below)
   advanced Javascript work Nicholas Mount
   performances Miranda Hope, Jennifer and John Ruffing
GenoChoice credits

Thanks to Alex Pereira; cb Cooke; Vinay Varughese; Geno and Jan Rodriguez; Ken Rus Schmoll; William B. Crow; Lee Mingwei; Elisa Eun-Jeong Chun; Steven M. Erde, M.D., Ph.D.; Conrad Wang; Cherylyn Washington; Christine Wong; Gabriela Ruano; Odalys Rey; Tony Thapvongse; James Shelton; David S. Lee; and Professor and Mrs. Young-tsu Wong. Web hosting by HostSave. Pregnancy email updates delivered by Dowell Consulting.

About the Artist

Virgil Wong is a NEA grant recipient, an award-winning filmmaker, and an artist who received the JGS Foundation's $20,000 grant in 2001. His multidisciplinary work about medicine, technology, and the human body has been shown around the world — most recently at the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art and the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. Mr. Wong also works as head of web design/development at the leading Hospital and Medical College in New York, and he is a graduate faculty member in media studies at the New School University. Please visit his current solo exhibition at The PaperVeins Museum of Art: http://www.virgilwong.com

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